The Truth About Buying in Today’s Housing Market

The Truth About Buying in Today’s Housing Market

What buyers need to know about our current real estate market.

Are you thinking about buying but sitting on the fence? Yes, interest rates are a little bit higher, but inventory is still very limited, and housing prices just are not coming crashing down.

We are seeing some price reductions, but prices are really just leveling out. Interest rates have even come down a little bit. Overall, there are still buyers out there, and the housing supply is still pretty limited. Prices won’t drop because there isn’t enough supply.

"Buyers now have more flexibility."


One good thing about buying now is that you’ll have a little more flexibility. They're having to be more realistic, but there’s also less risk for sellers. Appraisals have caught up with appreciation, so it’s unlikely that a deal will get ditched due to a low valuation. 

That gives buyers a little more flexibility to buy down your interest rate or have the seller take care of some of your closing costs. They may also be willing to buy down your interest rate. 

If you are thinking about buying, consider having a free consultation with me. There’s no obligation; we’ll just go over your plans and what you’re looking for. Give me a call or send me an email. I’m always willing to help!

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